Mango Chili

Mango Chili

Flavored Chocolate



Chili and chocolate are almost the perfect combination.  The two have been paired together since the time of the Aztecs when they were used to create a wonderful drink. Mango’s fruity creaminess provides the perfect counterpoint to the chili’s warmth, and the two have become a favorite snack worldwide.

I have taken the mango-chili combination and crafted them together in this bar, which we make with cocoa we source directly from farmers in the Guayas River Basin in Ecuador.  The result? A Chocolate that is truly remarkable and one which you will treasure.

Size: 3oz (85g)

Sourcing: Cocoa beans from Guayas River Basin, Ecuador

Ingredients: Cocoa beans, pure cane sugar, cocoa butter, mango, arbol chilis, whole vanilla bean

Tasting Notes: Rich chocolate flavor from the Ecuadorian cocoa presents itself with the creamy fruitiness of mango. It is then followed by melds with the arbol chili's smokey and lingering warmth

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