Ecuador Guayas River Basin

Ecuador Guayas River Basin

70% Cocoa



From the very first time I tasted the cocoa beans we used to make this chocolate, I fell in love with them.  Their rich flavor was intoxicating, and yet beautiful.  The cocoa comes from a small, remote community in the Guayas River Basin just up the river from Guayaquil, Ecuador.  It was an easy decision to make chocolate from these wonderful beans.

After the chocolate was finished, we held a launch party with the farmers in Ecuador.  We had free food for all and most importantly, they were all excited to taste chocolate they helped to create.  I will never forget the aged matriarch of the community thrusting out her gnarled hand and demanding “more” time and time again.  Every time I taste this chocolate, I am sure that she was right.  This is one chocolate who incredible flavor will case you to always ask for “more.”

Size: 3oz (85g)

Sourcing: Cocoa beans from Guayas River Basin, Ecuador

Ingredients: Cocoa beans, pure cane sugar, cocoa butter, whole vanilla bean

Tasting Notes: This chocolate has a rich chocolate flavor with notes of green bananas, smoke, and blackberries

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