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Cuyagua: Art’s Most Memorable Chocolate Experience

The AMANO  Blog One of the things I have always found most wonderful about chocolate is how unlike it is from so many other foods: it reaches in and touches a person’s soul. Few foods do that, and none that I’m aware of do so so completely. Because of this, I have had some incredible experiences. People of all walks of life tell me what a profound impact our chocolate has had on them and how much they love that experience. (or love the chocolate?) The same goes for some well-known chefs whom I have admired from afar for years. It is easy to forget how, after the chocolate is made, it has a life of its own to the retailer and then to the final person who enjoys it in the intimacy of the home or a fine restaurant. So my most precious memories center around learning how our chocolate has touched other people’s lives. One experience stands above all others, and I will never, ever forget it. Even after a number of years have passed, I still become emotional when I tell the story. The third bar we ever made was with some very special beans from the

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