Bulk Chuao Dark Chocolate

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This is perhaps, the world's finest chocolate.

If there is one place in the chocolate world that is referred to with reverence it is the tiny Venezuelan village of Chuao. Chuao is home to the world's most highly sought after cocoa beans. We have the great honor of being one of the few chocolate companies in the world to make chocolate with these precious beans.

The flavor of chocolate made from beans from Chuao is deep and complex. There is a rich chocolate flavor but with many layers of flavor and an amazing complexity that seems to go on forever. It is for this reason that chocolate made from beans from Chuao wins competitions world-wide again and again.

Chuao rests on Venezuela's Caribbean coast. The only way in or out is by hiring a fishing boat or to endure an arduous eight hour hike over the coastal mountains. It has been like this for over 400 years. And for 400 years, Chuao has maintained its reputation as the world's finest cocoa.

We have great confidence that you will agree, this chocolate made purely from beans from Chuao is indeed, the world's finest chocolate.


Chocolate Maker's Notes:

The cocoa beans from Chuao are, perhaps, the most difficult cocoa beans that I have had the privilege to work with. The flavor of the beans are amazing with many layers of complex flavors that change from beginning to middle to end. Bringing all the flavors into harmony takes a lot of effort and care.

Chuao tests even the best chocolate makers. If not treated properly, defects are easy to detect and the result can be disappointing. To bring out Chuao's optimal flavor, I spent over a month working out the details as to how this precious cocoa would be roasted, refined, and finally conched. It was complicated and took every bit of my skills as a chocolate maker. I believe that you will agree: the result was worth the great amounts of effort.

Chuao is one of my favorite places to visit and I try to visit as often as my schedule allows. The farmers there are immensely proud of their cocoa and they should be, the cocoa from Chuao has been famous since the 1600's. It was highly sought by the Portuguese as well as by the pirates that patrolled the area. To escape the pirates and protect the cocoa, the early village of Chuao was moved from the coast two kilometers up the valley and cannons were installed on the opposing hillsides.

After the cocoa has been harvested and carefully fermented, it is dried in front of the village church in circles. This is depicted by the painting on the front of the packaging. As far as I am aware, Chuao is the only place in the world where the cocoa is dried in this fashion.

I hope you enjoy this incredible chocolate that we have made from these incredible beans. As you do, please don't forget to think of the incredible farmers from Chuao who I have grown to love and who have grown this precious cocoa the exact same way for over 400 years.


Art Pollard
Founder / Head Chocolate Maker


Tasting Notes:

Rich chocolate flavor, woodiness, earthyness, and a hint of raisin and smoke.
(Note, these are natural flavors of the cocoa beans we use and thus chocolate -- not added flavors.)