Bulk Ocumare Dark Chocolate

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Product Details:

Most of the cocoa plantations in and around Ocumare are owned by families who pass their plantation from generation to generation.  Many of the plantations have been in the same family for many generations.  Ocumare has much criollo cacao that grows in and around the valley. There is some Trinitario in Ocumare as can be expected since Trinidad is just off the coast of Venezuela and cocoa has been regularly been traded between the two. The blend of Criollo and Trinitario cocoas found in the Ocumare beans comes together in an almost magical way. The finished chocolate from these wonderful beans is rich and complex and speaks well of the over four hundred years of Ocumare’s cocoa growing heritage. 

Chocolate Maker's Notes:

Ocumare is our most neutral and simple chocolate without being a bland chocolate akin to most industrial chocolates. The flavors are subtle but noticeable. If we had to use a single word to describe our Ocumare it would be “earthy.” It makes a most wonderful torte or ice cream sauce. If you are unsure of pairing a chocolate we almost always tell chefs to start with Ocumare or Guayas.

The very first chocolate we ever made was Ocumare and it continues to impress us every time we use it.


Art Pollard
Founder / Head Chocolate Maker


Tasting Notes:

Rich chocolate flavor, woodiness, earthyness, and a hint of raisin and smoke.
(Note, these are natural flavors of the cocoa beans we use and thus chocolate -- not added flavors.)