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The cocoa for this chocolate heralds from Ecuador where we work with a small village about an hours drive from Guayaquil. The cocoa is grown in an extremely fertile floodplain leading to the cocoa from this area being renown for hundreds of years. To protect their houses during the rainy season, all the farmer’s houses are built on stilts 15-20 feet in the air and walkways stretch between them. When we launched this choco- late, we had the opportunity to take the finished chocolate back to Ecuador and have a launch party with the farmers. Needless to say, there was plenty of chocolate for the farmers as well. The farmers were amazed at how wonderful the finished chocolate was. They had actually never had chocolate made with their own beans before. Seeing the sense of pride in the farmer’s eyes made the entire trip and all the efforts to bring the finished chocolate back to the farmers worthwhile. 

Chocolate Maker's Notes:

Our most popular chocolate for chefs. Guayas has a nice more neutral balance making pairing with most ingredients easy and safe. Its very well rounded so it works well without any other strong flavors making it perfect for puddings, mousse, or cakes. The flavor notes are pronounced but not so strong as to detract from what you might pair with it. 

After an immense amount of testing, I found a path through the processes of roasting, refining, and conching that really brings out the intense flavors of these beans and reflects my vision of what makes these beans special. It is my desire that you enjoy the chocolate made from these magical cocoa beans as much as I do.


Art Pollard
Founder / Head Chocolate Maker


Tasting Notes:

Rich chocolate flavor, lime, red grapefruit, leather, earthyness, and spice.
(Note, these are natural flavors of the cocoa beans we use and the chocolate -- not added flavors.)

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    Most refined chocolate chips for my pastries

    Posted by Mark Suh on 2nd Jul 2020

    Most detailed tasting chocolate chips I used in my pastries. It overpowers the senses and usually earns the respect of the clients as they understand why they paid so much for my pastries.